Instant diagnostics powered by your smartphone

Flowify AI provides a convenient and flexible solution for efficient lab-level evaluation of lateral flow assays using your smartphone. It includes a powerful algorithm, a smartphone reader, and a portal for result listing, evaluation, and performance monitoring.

Lateral flow test analysis made easy

Lateral flow assays (LFAs) are rapid and simple diagnostic tests designed for the qualitative or quantitative detection of specific target substances. Prominent examples of LFAs include home pregnancy and Covid-19 tests. Widely applied in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety, LFAs offer a quick and cost-effective solution for on-the-spot testing in diverse fields.

Flowify AI is an advanced reader platform that comprises solutions around the automatic analysis of rapid tests. Hence, it contributes to the digitization of point-of-care testing and empowers instant diagnostics. The core of Flowify AI is a mobile application that transforms the smartphone into a reader device for rapid tests (“Lab in Your Pocket”).

Cutting edge

Lab-level precision

Unlock lab-level precision with our innovative solution tailored for the evaluation of lateral flow assays. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, our system utilizes your smartphone as a versatile reading device, eliminating the need for specific hardware readers.

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with options for qualitative, semi-quantitative, or fully quantitative evaluation, providing instant diagnostics. Seamlessly obtain, gather, and analyze information digitally and immediately. Our comprehensive system includes a robust algorithm, a smartphone reader for result interpretation, and a user-friendly portal for storage and management. Elevate your efficiency with a platform that not only handles LFA product portfolios but also efficiently manages test results, ensuring a streamlined and sophisticated experience.

Explore the potential of our instant diagnostics AI

We develop software that accommodates the complexity of your requirements and can be adapted, configured, and customized to align with your products and specific processes. You have the option to start with a straightforward setup using a predefined set of configurations through our platform, or you can express your preferences for a personalized and branded solution.

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