Transforming smartphones into powerful diagnostic tools

Streamline rapid test analysis across diverse industries

Rapid tests are often employed as a diagnostic tool to measure and monitor specific parameters (e.g., health related). Obtaining the test results and subsequent tasks (e.g., monitoring, interpretation, documentation, sharing of results) can be enhanced by digitization enabled by Flowify AI. The usage of Flowify AI does not depend on a specific field as rapid tests are applicable in a wide range of areas (e.g., healthcare, veterinary, food safety, environmental, etc.).

Flowify AI consists of several standardized software modules that can be assembled and customized depending on the specific needs to create an individual software solution. Hence, Flowify AI allows manufacturers of rapid tests to enhance their product portfolio by offering a next-generation reader solution for their products.

Mobile reader

The mobile app transforms a smartphone into reader device for rapid tests. It enables the automatic evaluation of rapid tests in real-time at every place.

  • Assistance during test execution
  • Precise and valid test results
  • Reduction of read-out error
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AI (Algorithm)

Our exclusive (proprietary), machine-learning based image analysis algorithm enables the evaluation of rapid test by analyzing a series of images, e.g., a camera stream. The test results can be qualitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative.

  • Sophisticated image selection techniques
  • Support for a wide range of LFA test cassettes
  • Expansion to further test types planned
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The web portal offers a convenient way to gain insights concerning the usage of the tests and to inspect the test results. Manufacturers can manage their product portfolio and batches.

  • Parameter management and calibration
  • Performance review
  • Result certification, history and export functionality
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