Regardless of your chosen approach to leverage the product, the following are intrinsic benefits that our solution offers.

Different types of results

Flowify AI can interpret test results precisely, independent of the test method. Offering the possibility to evaluate different types of test parameters. Visual feedback from the test cassette in the form of test bands is necessary for evaluation. The evaluation of the result can take place in different ways, no matter whether the expected result is qualitative (yes/no) or quantitative.


The scanning process and the use of the Flowify AI app are independent of time and place. Tests can be easily performed without an internet connection, and the results are uploaded to the portal as soon as an internet connection is available. There are no boundaries to performing the tests.

Data collection

Because Flowify AI is a software product, it offers an easy way to gain insight into the usage of available products. It doesn't matter if you are a manufacturer and would like to have an overview of the quality and frequency of use, or if you are a test user and would like to better assess and interpret the results.


When using our solution, only a smartphone is required to evaluate test cassettes, which makes updating or adapting the evaluation flexible and easy. New markets can be accessed easily, as no additional device is necessary.


Flowify AI makes the evaluation of results even safer by reducing human readout or interpretation errors. The algorithm on which our solution is based evaluates the result on the basis of a large number of images and thus offers the best possible result, regardless of light and environmental variables.

Find out more about specific advantages

Depending on your domain the benefits Flowify AI offers may differ.