Your benefits as a manufacturer of diagnostic solutions

Flowify AI takes the specific needs and challenges of laboratories and test manufactures into account.

Accuracy & precision

Flowify AI uses smartphones as reading devices for rapid tests and offers lab-level precision and accuracy in digitizing lateral flow assays. The AI is insusceptible to random background interference, e.g. background surface or light.

Low cost

The test scanning and evaluation algorithm of Flowify AI is run on smartphones and benefits from the readily available computational power and camera capabilities. It constitutes an alternative to expensive hardware readers and provides various benefits in doing so.


The software can be updated, adjusted, and tailored to your products and changes in circumstances such as new operating systems and needs like specific designs. Innovation and improvements are incorporated effortlessly.

Data collection

Extending your offer to a digital product can grant you access to data-based insights on user behavior, trends and market preferences. This information can help you in operational aspects such as forecasting, but also in shaping your future product development and marketing strategies.

Scalability & market access

Flowify AI removes common barriers of scalability by using readily available and widely distributed hardware devices in combination with the flexibility to grow and adjust product portfolios, extend the customer base, or expand to new fields and industries.

Ease of maintenance & support

Flowify AI can be maintained remotely, enabling you to grant support and control the quality of your products with ease and from a distance. Additionally, the solution provides insights into test execution, e.g. was the waiting time kept?, and potential root causes when troubleshooting, e.g. by accessing the image of the test cassette that was scanned.

Direct communication

Flowify AI opens the opportunity to establish direct communication, gaining a better understanding and providing straightforward product support and guidance to your customers. The platform our solution builds around your products can furthermore be leveraged for...

  • cross-selling
  • promotion
  • surveys
  • other marketing activities


The flexibility of the solution itself extends to its opportunity to be customized in multiple ways. Some examples would be customization…

  • to your brand
  • to your products and test types, e.g. through the configuration of individual pipelines (the steps from identifying a test cassette, to performing the test, to obtaining a result)
  • in terms of features or rights offered to your customers and users

Quality assurance

We understand the importance of product reliability and consistency and have designed Flowify AI to support your efforts in complying with regulations and meeting the highest standards of quality. Flowify AI enables you to...

  • adapt the AI to your unique product portfolio and test types
  • monitor and control products, batches and tests
  • evaluate your products pre-launch evaluation as well as to perform post-market surveillance
  • ensure expired and revoked products are not used
  • check whether a product has been used or scanned before
  • test, control and adjust products before they reach your customers