Benefits as Medical professionals

Empowers medical professionals to respond promptly, independently and collaboratively to the increasing pressure in their work environment.

Flowify AI fosters collaboration for medical teams

The Flowify AI Portal allows you to share patients' test results easily and securely, thereby enabling and simplifying the collaboration between medical professionals. As a medical professional you can also retrieve single or multiple results, analyze within or outside of the solution and share digitally or printed as a certificate.

Data collection

To better review and monitor the effectiveness of treatments, you can access, group and evaluate past results within the app or portal. Generating data-based insights can help you understand patients and better assess their medical needs.

Ease of use

The solution is designed with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. We provide hints and guidance to enable you to easily follow each step of the testing process.

Built-in quality assurance

The accuracy of results is our highest priority, which is why built-in tools support you throughout the execution of tests: We verify that test cassettes were not used before, are not expired and do not belong to a revoked product batch. A product sensitive timer and multi-timer functionality reminds you of next steps in the scanning and evaluation process. We also make sure the test result is valid and our algorithm provides result interpretations configured and tested by manufacturers.

Product availability & understanding

The product catalogue of manufacturers who use Flowify AI to evaluate their tests is shared openly and becomes available as soon as launched and enabled by the manufacturers. You gain awareness and access to new, potentially interesting products, and you benefit from Flowify AI's consistency across integrated products as well as the available IFU's and product information.


Results can not only be shared between medical professionals but also tracked across product types and over time. This allows you to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of your patients' health markers and track the effectiveness of treatments through improvements or deterioration between tests.


Flowify AI eliminates long waiting times to receive results from laboratories as test can be performed quickly and safely achieving lab-level precision. Results are evaluated directly and become immediately accessible on both the app as well as the portal.