Dive into evaluations and performance metrics!

The complementary web portal provides additional functionality to the manufacturers and test users. It allows manufacturers to manage their product portfolio and gain additional insights. For test users, it serves as an additional platform to inspect and share their test results.



The portal allows manufacturers to manage their product portfolio, which includes the definition of products and production batches. For each product, it is necessary to provide result definitions that affect the display of the test results, e.g., is the result qualitative or quantitative. For each batch, specific expiration dates and parameters for the concentration functions can be specified. Moreover, the calibrations can be updated, and a batch can also be recalled remotely.

The portal also provides tools for quality control as well as research and development. For this purpose, it possible to directly group test results by assigning tags to the test results. For each group, statistics about the results can be created or a calibration function can be fitted. Moreover, the result data can be downloaded for further analysis.

The portal also offers insights regarding the test usage. The shelf life of rapid tests is rather long, which means that the demand and test usage is only indirectly visible to the manufacturer and distributors due to decoupling points in the supply chain. The data recorded by Flowify AI mobile app makes the test usage visible in real-time and contains additional information about the users of the products.

Portal user

The portal implements various features related to the documentation of the results. The test result history can be checked, visualized, or shared with others (e.g., among the staff of a medical care center). Additionally, a portal user can

  • create test certificates which are printable documents of a test result.
  • analyze the result history to provide specific recommendations

The portal can also be extended with an integrated online shop offering rapid tests and related products (e.g., supplements).